Welcome to the world little Cecilia. You are loved by so many already. Loved by a birth momma who chose the hardest thing – adoption because she loved you so much she felt it best that she honor her situation. Loved by your “adoptive” parents who have longed for you for so long. Who have dreamt for you for so long. Loved by all of us here at Connected by Love Adoptions ❤️⁠

Cecilia’s birth momma came to us a few months ago. She carefully considered and weighed all her options. Once she chose adoption she was incredibly committed knowing it was the right choice for her and her baby she loves so much. This momma chose not to meet or talk to the adoptive parents prior to the delivery of Cecilia. She decided in the hospital that she wanted to meet them. Their visit was brief yet loving. Short yet sweet. Since placement they have begun forging a beautiful relationship. They have a special facebook group where they use it to easily share photos and updates on precious little Cecilia. ⁠

This family did one of the most beautiful things I have had the privilege of witnessing. Prior to mom signing consents they made sure to lovingly look mom in the eye and with their actual words (not implied understanding) they expressed that they love her whether she chooses to parent or place Cece with them. They expressed how grateful they are for her and how much they love her and that it was important she know that they respect, understand, and support her in her rights to choose to parent. It was so beautiful. 💕⁠

We send loving support to all involved with a bit extra to birth mom as she heals physically and emotionally. We love you momma, we see you, we are here for you -you are not alone! 💕⁠