We understand how hard it can be for teens to find out they’re pregnant. There can be a lot of confusion surrounding the situation, as well as fear and shock. Something that’s very common, though, is the question of how to tell your parents that you’re pregnant. Even if you’re close with your parents, it’s normal to feel unsure about how they’ll act.

It can be hard to talk to your parents about being pregnant, especially because they’ll be getting a lot of information that they probably weren’t expecting to hear. Odds are, your parents want to be there for you and support you through this, but they need to be eased into the situation.

One of the best ways to manage stress and keep the conversation running well is to understand your own feelings and show that you’re thinking this through responsibly. This can help both you and your parents feel more comfortable.

How to tell your parents:

Where to start?

Before you talk to your parents, it’s essential to think through your options and the facts of the pregnancy. How far along are you? What options are available to you? Being as informed as possible can help reduce stress when you tell them.

Make a plan that works for you.

As the mother, you do have rights. You are the only one that can make a choice about your pregnancy, not your parents or anyone else. You will have to make the decisions, so it’s important to be very honest with yourself to work out a plan of action for yourself and the baby.

Think about how you feel about having a kid and bringing new life into this world. That will be the basis of your plan. Knowing this before you talk to your parents can make communicating your thoughts and feelings about the pregnancy easier. Once you’ve done this, here are some additional questions you can ask yourself:

  • How much would your parents help with your baby or support any other decision you make?
  • What are your childcare options, and are you comfortable putting your own life on hold to care for the baby?
  • What will your living and financial situations look like?
  • Will the father want to help?

It’s time to talk.

Now you’re ready to talk to your parents.

There are a few things that you can do to make you feel more comfortable and help the conversation flow freely. This starts with where and when you talk about it. You want to ensure you have total privacy and an open schedule so you can speak freely without rushing out in the middle of the conversation or worrying about being overheard by others. By eliminating these potential roadblocks, you’re setting up the conversation to be more understanding and productive.

For the sake of your own comfort, you can even bring a friend that you trust to this meeting with your parents.

Then, once you start the conversation, set the tone by asking your parents to listen to what you have to say before responding. As you speak, be as honest as possible, and listen to what your parents have to say once you’ve finished talking. Try to calmly answer any questions they might have and avoid an argument.

At this point, you can share your plan with your parents. If you had a hard time putting one together, you could ask your parents for help with it at this time.

Finally, allow your parents some time to process and offer to talk to them about it again after they’ve had some time. It might take some time to wrap their heads around, especially since they probably weren’t expecting this, so they might be even more receptive next time you talk. Remember that even if your parents were shocked, upset, or caught off guard, they most likely still want to be there for you.


We understand that it can be challenging to talk to your parents about this stuff, but it’s important to do so. They can help you feel like you’re not alone in this situation and help you through it.

We want you to remember that you are more than capable of developing a plan that works for you and your baby and can have these tough conversations with your parents in a constructive way. Above all, we want you to remember that no matter what, you’re not alone and have options. There are people that can help you through this.

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