When you’re amidst the adoption process, your stress levels may rise. Maybe you notice that things are getting to you that you never used to, or you feel more anxious as the days progress. Either way, you’re not the only one that experiences this. It’s actually fairly common.

Since it’s so common, knowing how to manage your stress and find peace in it is essential.

Make Time For Self-Care

Self-care comes in many forms.

For many people, their religious or spiritual practices can be significant in helping them maintain balance and joy in stressful times. Setting aside time to practice their religion or spirituality can be rejuvenating. Try thinking of something you can do for five minutes that will connect you to your religion or spirituality. A five-minute (or less) prayer or meditation could be helpful. Whatever the case, think about what works for you and make time for it.

That said, not everyone practices a form of spirituality or religion. If you fall into this category, think of something that makes you feel hopeful or happy and make time for this. This could range from playing the guitar to reading a book to other self-care practices. Whatever makes you feel calm, relaxed, refreshed, and cared for is perfect.

If you need help thinking of something (or can’t find the time), try doing things with intention. When you eat a meal, experience all of the flavors without distraction. Have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning without being on your phone. Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. Enjoy all the little things in your day.

Get Some Rest 

Did you know that not getting enough sleep can make you more stressed and anxious? A good night’s rest is vital for maintaining a level mood and a positive outlook. It won’t necessarily solve all your issues immediately. But getting to bed early and having a proper wind-down routine to get you calm and relaxed before bed can’t hurt.

If you have difficulty resting, try reading a book or journaling before bed. You can also try stretching, drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea (chamomile tea is a wonderful sleepy-time tea), and using a sound machine or essential oil diffusers.

Ask Others For Support

It’s important to know that you’re not alone during these times. Reach out to people that are in your support system if you feel you need additional support. Your support system can include many different people, from friends and family to peers and coworkers. Support groups, parenting groups, and religious or spiritual groups, can also be great places to find people you can incorporate into your support system. You can ask them to help you with something you really need to do or even ask someone to get coffee with you and let you vent.

Whatever the case, your support system can be essential in getting you through the tough, stressful times. And if you need additional support, don’t hesitate to contact us. Connected by Love Adoptions wants you to feel supported and safe. We’re here for you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (321)355-2010 for more information.