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Birth Mom FAQ

*I want to preface all of the following text with this- we use the term “give up your baby” often on this blog. I want to note that this is not our preferred term. Our staff refers to it as “lovingly placing your baby for adoption”. It is a heroic task, and we feel the term “giving up” does not honor the process. BUT, when looking at what birth moms are searching and the language birth moms use- this is the term they use*

Maybe you have made the decision to “give up” your baby, or maybe it’s just a thought that you are rustling with. Regardless of where you are at in your journey,  it is normal to have questions!

Here are some of the most common questions pregnant moms ask when considering adoption- 

  • Does an adoption agency pay my bills? If so, what bills?
    •  By law adoption agencies are allowed to pay certain expenses such as: rent, food, transportation, medical expenses etc.
  • Does an adoption agency pay for counseling during pregnancy & post adoption?
    • Absolutely, in fact this is a really important component that is often overlooked.  Emotional support during this process is so important and in fact with Connected By Love Adoptions you work directly with a licensed therapist.
  • Why do women choose to “give up” their baby?
    •  It is a choice, a very hard one, and one done with an extreme amount of love and selflessness. Each woman has their own reasons to include: not being in a place to raise a child, wanting a better life for their baby then what they can provide, financial, life stability…. the list goes on. There’s no one reason here, and we support you no matter what your reasoning is.
  • Can I see my baby after adoption?
    • YES, absolutely yes. You decide how your adoption looks and feels.  You decide what level of contact you desire after birth.  If you want to stay involved in your babies’ life,  we would explore something called an “open adoption”. There is no structure for this, and we will walk you through the whole process of finding an arrangement that feels GOOD for you.
  • Do I get to choose the adoptive parents?
    • Yes. When it is time, you will be shown profiles of possible adoptive parents. You will learn things about them like living situation, religion, profession, family dynamic, siblings, etc. Their profiles paint a picture of what life your baby will have and allow you to have a glimpse into what their life and world looks like.
  • What does post delivery look like?
    • For 24-48 hours after birth, and until consents are signed, you call all the shots. You decide if you wish to hold and spend time with your baby OR if it feels better for you to not room with the baby. There is no right or wrong way to handle this situation. We will support what you want this to look like.
  • What if I want to keep the adoption a secret?
    •  We totally get this. And we are here to support it! This is no one’s journey but yours, and although we do want you to find support, we understand that this is not available to everyone in our current relationships. We will walk through some of the options to help you keep your privacy!
  • Do I need dad’s permission to “give up” my baby
    •  The easy answer is no. We at  Connected By Love Adoptions will walk you through what this looks like and what to expect.  There are sometimes factors (such as you are married) that add extra elements but overall this choice is yours and father’s do not have to be in agreement.


Have more questions? Below are several ways to contact us! Even if you just are exploring your options, we want to make sure you are getting accurate information in a supportive and loving way.

With Connected By Love Adoptions, you’ll have someone with you through the end of your pregnancy and your labor and delivery, providing support. We’ll be right there with you when the big moment comes. Rest assured that just like countless others before you, you’ll get through it. You do not have to be alone – contact Connected By Love Adoptions.

There are many ways to contact our birth mom support team:

24 Hour Talk/Text Hotline: (321) 355- 2010

Chat with us on our website – https://connectedbyloveadoptions.com/

Or Email us at info@connectedbyloveadoptions.com

Or read our blog to learn more about how the adoption process works and read our answers to birth moms frequently asked questions. You are not alone. We’re here for you, with the help you need, when you want it, anytime, 24/7.