An unplanned pregnancy can be a challenging time for an expectant mother. While most adoption agencies recognize the challenge and offer several services to support birth mothers during pregnancy, they are generally absent during the most pivotal time of it all… During delivery/childbirth.

In all adoption agencies, you will receive financial support. This process is legally controlled, and when you decide to place your baby for adoption, you can receive financial support in things like rent, transportation, food, and medical needs. 

What you will not find at other adoption agencies, is the intentional care that we spend with each and every birth mom we work with. At Connected By Love Adoptions, we have implemented a very strict, and very different, standard of care that focuses on YOU. These include but are not limited too: 

  • Mental & emotional support during the remainder of your pregnancy, and into post delivery. During your pregnancy, you will receive frequent check-ins asking about how you are feeling, if we can get you anything, or if you have any needs that need to be addressed. We LOVE to take our birth moms to lunch, or for a pedicure, and get to know YOU. This whole process can feel extremely isolating, and emotional, we want you to feel like you have someone in YOUR corner, because at Connected by Love Adoptions- YOU DO! After delivery, you will find the same level of follow up and support.  This is not an easy decision, and we know that the process does not end for you after delivery. We want to make sure you have all the support to continue feeling confident in your decision, and a space of love and care that you can turn to during every phase of recovery. 
  • Company during delivery. The second that you go into labor- if you would like – we meet you at the hospital and have as much involvement as you want. We can support you as your partner OR we can support you/your partner as you navigate labor and delivery.  We are there for you, to get you your favorite meal, to sit and talk, and support you in all post-delivery decisions. Whatever the need- we’ve got you!


As an agency staffed by adoptive parents, birth parents, and former foster care kiddos, we believe in providing love, support, and dedication to all our birth moms. We pride ourselves in being your partner through the adoption process, and want you to feel like you have advocated routing for YOU. 

By choosing Connected By Love Adoptions to place your baby, you are choosing to be more than just a number. You are choosing to have a team of women wanting to treat you like the queen you are, and shower you in all the love and appreciation you deserve.  We’ll be right there with you when the big moment comes, and for all the follow up moments after. Rest assured that just like countless others before you, you’ll get through it. You do not have to be alone – contact Connected By Love Adoptions.

There are many ways to contact our birth mom support team:

24 Hour Talk/Text Hotline: (321) 355- 2010

Visit our website –

Or Email us at

You can also read more on our  blog to learn more about how the adoption process works and read our answers to birth moms frequently asked questions. You are not alone. We’re here for you, with the help you need, when you want it, anytime, 24/7.