It’s been awhile, allow me to introduce Connected by Love Adoptions.

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Our wonderful owner and director, Heather Pincelli








Connected by Love Adoptions is a full service adoption agency.  We walk side by side with you during your adoption journey from home studies to placement. We are intentionally a small agency, where you are a PERSON to us not a number.

We know you! We love you! We care about your adoption journey.  Our staffing is consistent, you don’t have to deal with constantly changing staff. In fact, often the person who answers the phone is the same person you will work with through your entire journey with us.

We operate wayyy different than larger agencies.

Some ways we are different:

  • We go all in on our birth moms, when a mom has decided adoption is the right plan for her- she gets all of us.
    • This includes in person visits
    • Lunch dates- pedicures you name it, girl time that is so pivotal
    • We attend doctor’s appointments, if desired
    • We act as a support partner in labor/delivery, if desired and if that’s not needed that is ok- we will be there to bring you food and necessities when needed!
    • We are IN PERSON, we do not provide care virtually only. We come to you!
  • We do not charge thousands of dollars to get on a “list” that offers you no guarantee of placement. In fact, the only real way onto our “list” is if you complete your adoption home study with us.
  • You are a person to us, not a file
  • You are a person to us, not a “business”
  • We all have experience in adoption/foster care

Our owner and Executive Director, Heather Pincelli is a former foster care child.  She grew up as a number, an item on a checklist that had to be tended to.  She grew up feeling like she didn’t matter.

Constantly changing case managers and then passed off like the rest of the “herd”. Growing up she knew that sh*t didn’t have to be this way and here we are…. a 5 star adoption agency, with stellar reviews and life long relationships.

She paves the way putting the focus on each person and relationship.  She refuses to settle and advocates to the fullest for her families.

We serve all of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Florida.  In some cases we can work with birth moms that live in other areas as well.


If you are pregnant and considering adoption, we would be so honored to walk this journey alongside you.

You are not alone. We’re here for you, with the help you need, when you want it, anytime, 24/7.


24 Hour Talk/Text Hotline: (321) 355- 2010

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You can also head over to our blog to learn more about how the adoption process works and read our answers to birth moms frequently asked questions.

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