Deciding to place your baby for adoption, or as many birth mothers call it “give up your baby” for adoption, is a very selfless and incredibly hard decision to make. We first want to commend you for taking the steps necessary to have your baby and yourself taken care of! We see you, and we support you!

The next step is planning out your adoption birth plan. These decisions include choosing an adoptive family, your post birth arrangement, and what the birth will ideally look like. All of these choices will help you have a hand in your baby’s future!

Choosing an Adoptive Family

Potential adoptive families, fill out extensive paperwork, and provide visual aid to help paint a picture of the life your baby would have. When choosing an adoptive family you will learn things like:

  • Religious Beliefs: Adoptive parents will disclose their relationship to the church, and what their expectations will be for the child when it comes to religion
  • Schooling & Childcare: Will the adoptive parent have someone who stays home with the kiddo, will they continue working and utilize childcare? What are their views with schooling for their children
  • Family Dynamic: Does the potential adoptive family already have children? Would the grandparents be super involved? Would your baby have a big family?
  • Housing: Do they live in a big house? Where would your baby’s room be?
  • Demographics: Ethnicity, and culture will be made available to you
  • Family Hobbies: Does the potential family LOVE the outdoors? Are they super into disney? Do they love board games? Personalities and passions are disclosed in the paperwork

Post Birth

After or during your selection of an adoptive family, you also get to choose what kind of adoption you wish to have. The three kinds are:

  • Open Adoption
  • Semi-Open Adoption
  • Closed or Private Adoption
    Not sure which one is right for you? Read about them on our blog post here

The Birth

Your privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance during labor and delivery. YOU get to choose who is in the room, and you get to choose what happens during birth.

  • You get to choose if you want an epidural or not
  • You get to choose if you hold the baby or not
  • You get to choose if adoptive mom, dad, your partner, or a support person get to come
  • You get to choose who comes into the room after

We want to honor you during this incredibly hard time, and there is no “right” way to do it. We are here to support you.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, or wanting to adopt our phone is alway open.

Visit our website, call us at (321) 355- 2010 or email us at to learn more about our services and how we help connect you to genuine prospective birth mothers.