They are discreet, determined, patient, sometimes discouraged, and large in numbers, yet we know little of the three thousand odd candidates who embark on the adventure of adoption each year, and many more who wait for their opportunity. If you are also planning to adopt a child, then make sure to get in touch with a lawyer who deals with child adoption. A common misconception about child adoption is that the procedure is only meant for the rich and affluent. However, that’s not true at all, as anybody can apply for child adoption, provided he/she fulfills all the requirements laid out by the respective government institution.

Rather, adoption concerns wealthy people because that’s what many studies on adoptions suggest. The statistics are unstoppable: there are only 19% of workers among the male candidates to adoption living as a couple, while executives are over-represented. It’s a fact and however, it should not be inevitable. There is a real process of self-selection where couples from disadvantaged social categories anticipate a refusal, and they are renounced to embark on an adventure reserved for the rich

Hard for solos

The same statistics also show that the income of candidates doesn’t influence the outcome of the process. When a modest household applies for approval, its chance to see it lead to the green light, then adopt a child for real is almost equal to other candidates. Since they do not rush abroad for adoption, they have a little more chance to adopt an American baby.
There is a condition for individuals adopting a child that they should form a home. In reality, the only real inequality is not related to the social environment, but the marital situation. Nine times out of ten, applicants for adoption are couples who are not yet married at the time of application for approval. Therefore, they hurry to get married in order to adopt jointly.

Adopting a child is a process that doesn’t materialize for the first time for many, so they try repeatedly to be successful. They make all the improvements in their file to be eligible for the adoption process.
Therefore, you won’t see too many singles going for child adoption due to stringent selection criteria. Those who do are mostly women. The organization overseeing the adoption process wants to know if the single parent has sufficient funds to raise the child, pay for his/her education, and other expenses or not. They visit your home and check its condition. This is called a home study.
They also check the source of income, how secure the job or business is, and how much debt the person owes to different financial institutions.
The entire process is done to ensure that a child doesn’t end up in the house of a junkie. Therefore, if a person has a decent income and a will to raise a child responsibly, then he/she will definitely receive an opportunity to do so. Being rich is not important, but being responsible is. If you can inculcate strong values in the child you adopt, then no one has the right to question your adoption.