When a birth mom has decided to place her baby for adoption, she then gets to decide who the adoptive family will be. Based on information provided to her, she chooses the life she wants for her baby and one that she agrees with. This is a crucial time to establish an emotional connection with birth-mom so that she remembers you and gets a clear picture of who you are.

An adoption profile is essentially a creative AND informational marketing packet built to establish an emotional connection. It should be about 1500 words accompanied by pictures, where you paint a clear picture of your life, hobbies, interests, home, relationship, etc. It should encompass what is important to you, your beliefs around parenting, and all the ways you will love that baby if given the chance to.

Things to Consider When Making an Adoption Profile

When you are gathering the information for the adoption profile, it is important to consider your audience and information they may want to know. While the answer seems obvious, it is important that you take a deeper dive into their pain points and view it from their perspective. While there is no “right way” to make an adoption profile, here are some of the areas we recommend including:

What information would make them feel comfortable entrusting you with such a precious gift?

Are you financially stable enough to take on the care of a child? Are you able to support them through education, opportunities, and passions that will enhance their life? Do you have an overabundance of love to give? Help them feel comfortable and know that their baby would find stability and opportunity through you.

Why are you interested in adoption?

Have you always wanted to be a parent but struggled with infertility? Were you adopted and feel the desire to have that experience with a child of your own? Have you been positively affected by adoption, and have a beautiful story to tell? Show them that this is an amazing decision on their part and help them find confidence in it.

What life can you give their baby?

What house would you bring them home to? What securities do you have for them? Do you have other siblings for them to be a part of? Do you have a big family that gets together 8 times a year and is ready and excited for the adoption process? Do you plan on homeschooling, private schooling or coaching their soccer games? What kind of parent do you want to be?

What relationship are you wanting with birth parents?

Unfortunately, there are some birth parents who do not want to be involved with their baby post placement. But there are more that do… and knowing they will get that when choosing you is HUGE. At Connected by Love Adoptions, we always advocate for an open adoption for baby. If you are wanting to read more about this, check out our blog post here.

When you are making your profile book, think of it as if you got the opportunity to speak directly to the birth parents. What would you want them to know? Why are you a great choice?

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