*I want to preface all of the following text with this- we use the term “give up your baby” often on this blog. I want to note that this is not our preferred term. Our staff refers to it as “lovingly placing your baby for adoption”. It is a loving selfless decision, and we feel the term “giving up” does not honor the process. We use the term on this blog because that is the language that most birth moms use when looking for information.  ________________________________________________________________________

After you have made the decision to “give up” your baby for adoption and enter an adoption plan, we will gather information from you on your ideal perfect family for your child. You will learn more about the potential adoptive parents, their family dynamics, their living arrangements, their professions, their religion, etc. You will get a glimpse of the family, their interests and what  life you would be choosing for your baby, and give you all the reassurance that you need to make the right decision. 

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting an adoptive family is if you prefer an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. In this article, we will discuss the types of the adoptions.  

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, the adoptive and birth families keep communication and visitation open. Although this arrangement can take many different forms, the end result is a family unit approach participating for the best interest of the baby. This may look like frequent facetimes, phone calls, emails, visits, or whatever is mutually agreed upon. Adoption research shows that open adoption increases long term adoption success for adoptive families, birth parents, and the child.  As with all adoption decisions and agreements, there is no one size fits all with open adoption, you create the terms that work for you, your desires, and your selected family.  

Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoption may be an excellent alternative for those seeking a “middle ground” among open and closed adoption. Messages, emails, photographs, telephone conversations, can all be used to communicate, but are done with some additional boundaries and agreements. For instance perhaps it is not regular on-going contact. Perhaps you choose to not visit in person.   

Closed Adoption

When most individuals think of adoption, they picture a closed adoption. The adoptive family and birth parent keep their identities hidden and have no interaction after the child is placed. It was standard procedure for many decades to keep adoptions closed. 

Today open and semi-open adoptions are much more common; however, there are definitely moms who chose closed adoption! There is no right or wrong way here. you choose what works for you, what feels best to you. 

Also, remember you can always change your mind on the level of contact you desire. Part of our role with you is to help you really identify what feels best to you and what that would look and feel like for you as you navigate this adoption journey.  

We can discuss the three options in further detail over the phone or in-person. We want to make sure you have all the education necessary to make the best decision for you and your baby.

The decision to “give up” your baby is not an easy one. But rest assured that when you choose us at Connected By Love Adoptions, you will only be presented with families that have passed all the requirements necessary for us to ensure they are suitable to care for your baby. Your efforts can be focused on choosing the social/emotional environment you want for your baby’s future, and we take care of all of the safety and background concerns. 

Have questions? At Connected By Love Adoptions, we work with both birth-moms and adoptive parents. We would love a chance to chat with you,  hear your story and provide support to you. 

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