It is inevitable that an adopted child will one day question the circumstances of their story. It does not mean they do not love their adoptive families, but we as humans are just wired to seek a deeper understanding of our roots. Creating an open and honest dialogue around the child’s birth parents, heritage, and story will help them gain a sense of belonging.

One of the ways Connected by Love Adoptions encourages this is by taking photos (with consent of course) at the hospital with the birth family and adoptive family. While this may feel extremely vulnerable in the moment, or maybe it feels like it penetrates the boundaries of a closed adoption, we find it serves a purpose for all parties involved in the adoption.

How It Impacts the Child

The photograph gives the child a visual representation of where they came from, who their birth parents are, and the story of how they got here. The child gets to see their tiny self in the arms of someone smiling or being loved on and that shows that they were always cared for (which is huge for their trauma). Ultimately, it commemorates a very significant day in their lives, one that was brought by love. Birth parents are a part of a child’s story long after an adoption is final.

How It Impacts Birth Parents

Adoption is a solution, but it is not an easy one. While birth parents do not take home their baby from the hospital, they are forever emotionally tied to the human they created. The selfless sacrifice of love deserves to be captured as a keepsake for when their future self wants to remember what they have endured.

How It Impacts the Adoptive Family

While an adoptive family can offer the child a lot, they can never replace the birth parents. One of our biggest recommendations for adoptive families is always staying open with their child about the story of how they came to their family. This creates a positive dialogue where the child feels safe talking about the adoption and knows how loved they were by both parties. A photograph allows the adoptive family to share something special with the child when the questions inevitably come up.

Now, we at Connected by Love Adoptions never want to put the birth parents in an uncomfortable spot. We understand that the emotional toll of the day can sometimes feel like too much to handle. To respect this, we always seek consent prior to taking any images in the hospital. If the birth parents do not wish to have a copy of the photos, we will respect that decision and only distribute the photo to the adoptive family to later share with the child. We will never share anything without your consent on social media or for advertisements. Your comfort and privacy are a priority to us always.

No matter what route you choose for your adoption journey, Connected by Love Adoptions wants you to feel supported and safe. We’re here for you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for questions. Call us today at 321-355-2010 for more information