Welcome to the world little Ruby. You are loved by so many already. Loved by a birth momma who chose the hardest thing – adoption because she loved you so much so felt it best that she honor her situation. Loved by your adoptive parents who have longed for you for so long. Who have dreamt for you for so long. Loved by all of us here at Connected by Love Adoptions ❤️

Ruby’s birth momma came to us a few months ago. She knew what she wanted her adoption plan to look like…..or so she thought. For her momma a closed adoption felt like the right choice. She also wanted the agency to choose the right family for her and her child.

We don’t take this trust that momma gave us lightly. We poured through profiles and chose the B family. There are so many things that birth momma and adoptive family had in common that we just knew it was a perfect fit.

Momma went into labor early- 3 weeks early actually. And her desire for a closed adoption ended up with her choosing to meet the adoptive parents at the delivery room. She was able to connect with them and get to know them and told us how confident and grateful she was for the family we selected because they were perfect.

I love so many things about this adoption but especially love the reminder to all the birth mommas out there. This is your adoption plan. You are allowed to change your mind on anything you thought you may want ie this momma didn’t think she wanted to even know the adoptive parents names and ended up choosing and deciding to meet them. ? She doesn’t wish to maintain contact going forward and that’s what is beautiful about your adoption choices. They are yours and you get to choose! ❤️

For the adoptive parents they have waited a long time for this moment. They are over the moon grateful for this birth momma and precious little Ruby while recognizing the sacrifice and bravery momma had to make. In fact, Ruby’s adoptive father is also adopted!

Our hearts are filled with love for birth momma, adoptive parents, and baby. We send loving support to all involved with a bit extra to birth mom as she heals physically and emotionally. We love you momma, we see you, we are here for you -you are not alone! ?