One of the most common questions from adoptive parents we get is, “what should I expect during an adoption home study?” And what a great question that is! Adoption home studies can be overwhelming… but with a little planning, you will be surprised how easy it can be!

What is a home study?

A home study is basically a screening process for prospective adoptive parents before allowing them to adopt. In some states, adoption home studies are a legal requirement for adoption. Even if it’s not legally required, it’s typically a requirement for most adoption agencies.

A good adoption home study will be on the lookout for 4 major milestones:
Genuine desire to be a parent
Financial ability to raise a child
Emotional resourcefulness
And stability in the home environment

What is the process of a home study?

First thing’s first, you must fill out your paperwork in order to schedule a home study. As soon as you complete your paperwork, we can schedule your home study.

During the home study, we will talk with you and ensure the home is safe and livable… as well as answer any questions you have. A home study shouldn’t feel like an interrogation… and here at Connected by Love Adoptions, our goal is to create a partnership between birth parents, adoptive parents, and the loved one they’ll come to share. Our promise is that every home study experience is supportive, educational, and interactive.

After the home study, we’ll make sure you get all the documentation and paperwork you need… and after that, we’ll start working on getting you matched with a birth mom. We’re there to guide and support you throughout the entire process!

Learn more about home studies here.

At the end of the day, we’re here for you and want to see you win! If you have more questions about adoption and home studies, contact us today at (321)355-2010.