If you are pregnant and considering adoption, all the options available can feel overwhelming. Not only are you choosing whether or not you are in a place to parent, but you also have to filter through agencies and professionals that claim to have your best interests at heart. Chances are, if you have done any research, you will quickly learn that not all adoption agencies are created equal. At Connected by Love Adoptions, we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently. That is because we keep the baby and birth mom at center focus, always.

Birth Mom Support

From the very first call, you will speak to one of our well-trained staff members that can coach you through questions or next steps. Being a team of all women, and all moms, we put compassion first and meet you right where you are at emotionally. We always offer a no pressure guarantee, and just because you make that first call does not mean you have to decide right then and there.

Throughout your pregnancy, we will check-in routinely, accompany you to appointments (if desired) and take the time to get to know YOU. We have been known to meet for coffee dates, shopping trips, and pedicures. Our goal is to pour love into you and treat you like the hero of a human you are. We want to make sure that you feel supported and know that someone is in your corner.

During delivery, one of our well-trained staff will be there at the hospital with you, either waiting in the waiting room, or right there in the delivery room (up to you). We will get you food, water, and navigate the relationship with the adoptive family so that you can focus solely on the delivery. Our main priority is making sure that you are comfortable, heard, and validated.

Immediately after delivery, we will support whatever birth plan you created prior to delivery and help during that transition. You will not be in charge of implementing boundaries; your job is simply to exist and process your current reality. We will personally make sure that you are never faced with the pressures of going against your birth plan.

For the next months to come, our agency will offer you emotional and physical support through your recovery. We want you to close this chapter with stability and confidence that you made the right decision for you and for the baby. Our relationship will not end just because the baby has been born.

Adoptive Families

Most adoption agencies lack transparency when communicating with adoptive families. Key pieces of information are often left out because if the adoption falls through, it comes at the expense of the family not the agency. At Connected by Love Adoptions, you can expect complete transparency surrounding all adoption situations. All information that can legally be disclosed will be regardless of if that means that you do not move forward with the adoption. Pieces of information that we may factor into our decision include: likelihood of drugs in the pregnancy, history of fraud with a birth mother, risks to pregnancy, potential risks of a completed adoption, etc. We may only be able to say something like “that may not be the right situation for you.” But you can rest assured that you will receive an indication that if you are to proceed with a questionable scenario, you do so with caution.

No matter what route you choose for your adoption journey, Connected by Love Adoptions wants you to feel supported and safe. We’re here for you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for questions. Call us today at (321)355-2010 for more information.